Visiting 'Lal Bagh Cha Raja' Ganpati Idol in Mumbai

The major turnaround for the city took place when the British established it as a bastion for managing their trading affairs. Since then, there has been no turning back. The city has some delectable places that serve as preserves for the rich culture of the region. These are dispersed throughout the city and provide a window through which we can gauge the true meaning of Mumbai.

Visiting 'Lal Bagh Cha Raja' Ganpati Idol in Mumbai

The Ganpati idol at Lalbaug locality is a noteworthy mention for those looking for a spiritual experience in the city. The idol is on public display for 10 days after the puja. After that it is immersed. Most commonly, the height exceeds 20 feet in height and dons the front pages of dailies during the Ganesh festival. The family of the Kamblis has been responsible for its creation every year.

There are two kinds of worship. The first one is the Navsachi line where people queue up to touch the feet of the idol.  The second line is the Mukdarshan line. Here you would be allowed only to see the idol without getting up on the stage. Even the latter can take upto 12 hours. 

Getting to Lalbaug should not be a problem since Mumbai has a decent public transport system. If everything else fails, you can try the auto rickshaws that take you anywhere in the city.  The Lalbaug market, which has been hosting the puja since 1934, receives around 1.5 million visitors during the period of the festival.

If seeing the Lalbaug Ganesh idol is your aim, then the month of August or September would be best suited. It is around this time that the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated across the Western part of India with much fanfare. 

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