Mumbai Chowpatty

Whenever the Mumbai locals think to spend their leisure time, the first name that comes to their mind is Chowpatty, which is calm beach offering the serenity of the sea and the arching stretch of vibrant sand. 

When to visit Chowpatty

People in all age group arrive at Chowpatty beach throughout the day to relax enjoying its scenic beauty. But, the best time to visit here is the dust, as the glorious sunset from here is a sight worth seeing. The months between October and March are the best time to visit the beach. If you visit here in August or September, you can participate in the Ganesh Chathurthi celebrations at Chowpatty beach. 

Immersing the huge idols of ‘Ganesh’, as a part of the celebration, will be a visual treat to your eyes. Apart from this, many other Hindu rituals like thread tying events are performed here and so it is considered as a holy place.

Beautiful sunset at Chowpatty beach

What to eat at Chowpatty

On the shore, you can see beach vendors who sell local dishes such as roasted peanuts, spicy raw mango and Mumbai fast-food (or chaats) etc. As all the local cuisines are prepared deliciously as well as hygienically, visitors can try and enjoy all local varieties of eatables here without fear.

What to do at Chowpatty

Mumbai Chowpatty
Activities at Chowpatty do not limit to enjoying the beauty of the sea with your friends and families and relaxing on the shore watching the sunset. 

The snake charmers who entertain the people with their antics and the fortune tellers are the other attractions here.

Many people visit Chowpatty to experience horse and camel rides while others like to watch the film shooting or street plays performed here often. 

The beach is an ideal location to perform Yoga and to go for jogs. It attracts the children with the merry-go-grounds, beebee gun shooting galleries and ferry wheels to spend a great time.

How to reach Chowpatty

As Chowpatty is one of the most popular beaches in Mumbai, it is well connected by roads. Besides depending on the numerous local buses available, you can easily arrive at the place by hiring an auto or taxi from the city. You will get a local train to Charni Road from Churchgate station, the nearest railway station to Chowpatty beach and a few minutes’ walk from Charni Road will lead you to the beach.

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