Mumbai Airport

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport – Sometimes also referred to as CSIA, this is the primary international airport in the commercial capital of India – Mumbai.  Prior to CSIA, this airport was named as Sahar International Airport in accordance with the name of the locality in which it is situated.

It was to honour the valour of the Maratha Emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji that the airport was later renamed after him. Bombay is still used in the IATA code of “BOM” for this airport.

Mumbai Airport

With five terminals fully operational at present, the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport closely follows Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport to occupy the second position on the list of busiest airports in India.  Very few airports in world are located within the domains of a city’s municipality, like the Mumbai airport – housed in the suburban regions of Santa Cruz, the airport was famous for being the busiest airport in the country till 2008. 

With increasing air traffic, the airport has been modernised on several occasions since 2006 when a consortium by the name of Mumbai International Airport Limited, formed by Bidvest, Airports Company South Africa and GVK Industries Limited, was handed the responsibility of modernising the Mumbai airport to fine tune it with the burgeoning numbers of passengers.

Differentiating between the Mumbai International Airport and Mumbai Domestic Airport

People new to the Mumbai airport may probably find it a bit difficult to decipher the difference between the domestic and international wings of the airport. Here, the most important thing to remember is that the entrances for the two segments are different, but they share a common runway. 

1A and 1B terminals of the Mumbai airport are exclusively meant to cater to the domestic passengers. Whereas Ville Parle is the nearest local railway station to reach the Mumbai domestic airport, the one nearest to the international segment is Andheri.

Taxi services at Mumbai Airport

Mumbai airport cab service provides pick up and drop services along with the exquisite traveling facilities in an unending array of modern cabs.  Available at the customer’s disposal at any time of the day, all round the calendar year, this Mumbai airport taxi service is known for its easy accessibility (nowadays booking can be done, just by snapping your fingers, online), hospitality and efficiency in the day to day operations.

Mumbai Airport Taxis

Buses at Mumbai Airport

If you are planning a trip to the Mumbai Airport without knowing about the Mumbai Airport Buses, then you might soon realize how big a mistake you are committing. Even though private transportation to and from the airport is available for passengers, the safest and most economical mode of transport is considered to the public transport of Mumbai.

Buses at Mumbai Airport

Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) is the public organization that provides bus services which criss cross the entire length and breadth of the city and connect the suburban regions with the commercially important sections in the heart of the city. 

The Domestic Terminal of the Airport is connected to Ville Parle East and Andheri East Railway stations by the bus route number 312.  The International Terminal is linked to Ville Parle East Railway Station by bus route number 321 and to Aandheri East Railway Station by bus route number 308.

Important emergency numbers

Domestic Terminal Services Mumbai Airport

Mumbai Airport- 26156315/26716309
Police Infoline- 1090
Women Helpline- 22633333
Airport Police Station+91 22 6156315 / +91 22 6156309 / +91 22 6156921

CISF Control Room +91 22 26264637 | 26156560
Medical Services +91 22 26156799 | +91 22 26264525 | +91 22 26264460 | +91 9833301317
Fire Control Tower +91 9619892674 | +91 22 66850268 | +91 22 26829197
Nodal Officer Terminal 1 +91 9833301321 | +91 9833301581 | +91 9833301581 | +91 9833301580
Lost & Found Terminal 1 +91 9930144272
Left Luggage Facility Terminal 1 +91 9108050817
Appellate Authority Mr PRASAD NAIR + 91 22 66850662 

International Terminal Services Mumbai Airport

Sahar Police Station- + 91 2682 9784
CISF Control Room- +91 22 66851300/ +91 22 66851333
Medical Services- +91 9833301322 | +91 9930144140 | +91 7045953261, +91 22 66850781 | +91 22 66850782 | +91 22 66850783
Fire Control Room- +91 9930144322 | +91 22 26813202 | +91 22 66850516
Nodal Officer Terminal 2 - +91 9833301319
Lost and Found Terminal 2- +91 9619050580/ +91 8879992371
Left Luggage Service Terminal 2- +91 9108050818
Customs Terminal 2- +91 22 26828719 / +91 22 26828720
Immigrations Arrival- +91 22 26813265
Departure- +91 22 26813472
Appellate Authority Mr PRASAD NAIR- + 91 22 66850662 | [email protected]
DGCA Grievance Redressal Mr. Lalit Gupta- [email protected]
CSMIA Airport Helpline:+91 22 66851010

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