Leopold Cafe in Mumbai

Today there are hordes of immensely famous restaurants & bars in Mumbai, but only few and probably none at all can even come close to match the fame of legendary Leopold.  Leopold stands out for its intimate bond with Mumbai’s history. After all, Leopold has been serving Mumbai since 1871. It’s a bond that spans across 14 generations of Mumbai’s social life. A bond that is today literally unshakable.

However, Leopold isn’t your sophisticated air conditioned & typical up-market restaurant. It is actually the crowd that Leopold draws that eventually takes precedence over its ordinary looking furniture & décor.  The local hippies and foreign tourists scattered all around will make you feel that you’ve arrived at some sort of la la land where everyone is having a ball. 

Leopold Cafe in Mumbai

And lastly, foreign tourists’ intimate love affair with Leopold surely deserves a mention. It is a sort of a love affair that you’ll usually and probably only find in romantic comedy books

Specialties and Menu of Leopold

It is beer all the way at Leopold. Leopold’s chilled pitcher beer has been part of Mumbai’s folklore for many generations and continues to enthrall die hard beer lovers even today. Leopold also has a very long menu when it comes to cuisines and food, serving Indian, Chinese and other intercontinental cuisines. It also has a special menu for sandwiches. 

Leopold’s specialty isn’t its food & cuisine. It is its vintage beer and its vivacious & energetic atmosphere which makes it such a special place.

How to Reach Leopold

Leopold is located at Colaba causeway in south Mumbai, very near to Gateway of India. The nearest stations are C.S.T and Churchgate railway stations. Leopold is located approximately 35 walking distance from C.S.T and roughly 20 minutes from Churchgate station.

Address: Police Station, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba Causeway, near Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Phone: 022 2282 8185

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