Kala Ghoda Festival

Every year since 1999 during around the month of February the city of Mumbai celebrates Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in the Kala Ghoda area of the southern part of the city.  This 9-day festival celebrates over 400 multicultural events starting from storytelling, creative writing, play, charcoal art, other workshops on various popular dance forms from all over the world.

Kala Ghoda Festival

Kala Ghoda Art Festival is one of the biggest art festivals not only in India but also around the world.
The festival is organized by the ‘Kala Ghoda Association’ with the financial assistance of various sponsorships. 

The Association is a reputed Non-profit Organization which aims to physically upgrade the Kala Ghoda area of south Mumbai and to make it the Art District of the city. The motto of Kala Ghoda Festival is to share and promote all the artistic mediums and to create awareness about some critical social issues through a plethora of workshops, events especially for the children, visual arts, dance shows, music concerts, theater, cinema, literature discussions, seminars, and lectures by the eminent personalities. 

Usually the famous Jehangir Art Gallery, Max Muller Bhavan, and such other places become the major venues for workshops, shows and exhibitions.  A great part of the fest takes place on the street area of Rampart Row and the area is dressed up as a vibrant fair with craft stalls, book shops, food stalls, and live sketches by some artists.

Kala ghoda

This year the Kala Ghoda Festival will experience the ties between culture and Mumbai city through many unique quests. One such subject is the ‘Public Dining History and the emergence of Irani Cafes in Mumbai’ which would uncover the twists and turnings of the culinary history of Mumbai city. The festival will also explore the historical aspects of the relationship of Mumbai and the silver screen. 

Kala Ghoda Fest

The Kala Ghoda Festival pulls some thousands of both national and international visitors and participants and it reflects the harmonious nature of the artistic expressions regardless of the mediums.

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