Kala Ghoda

Kala GhodaThe meaning of the Hindi word Kala Ghoda means the Black Horse. The reason behind the name Kala Ghoda is the black stone statue of King Edward VII placed in the region during the British regime. 

The famous Jewish businessman and philanthropist Albert Abdullah David Sassoon built this statue.  Earlier the statue was placed on the old Esplanade Road. But it was removed from there, as it was a sign of the colonial era, once existed in India. 

The statue is presently placed at the entrance of the garden Jijamata Udyan and the name of the location existed as Kala Ghoda itself.  The  Kala Ghoda region in Mumbai can be explained as the area from the Regal Circle Southern end of Mahatma Gandhi Road to the Mumbai University at the northern end and the Oval Maidan, the west end of Kala Ghoda to the Lion Gate in the east.

Kala Ghoda arts festival conducted in the area is internationally famous. India's oldest cast iron building surviving, the Esplanade Mansion is in Kala Ghoda.  Watson's Hotel in the location is the place where the films introduced to India by screening the Lumiere Brothers Cinematograph in 1896. 

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

This is an annually conducted arts festival. Usually, the festival lasts for nine days. The festival is one of the popular events in the Mumbai city since its beginning in the year of 1999. 
Kala Ghoda Arts FestivalThe Mumbai Festival, the Bandra Festival, and the Kitab Festival are examples of this. 

In the coming years the location of the festival is likely to be shifted to the nearby Horniman circle. read more

The Kala Ghoda association

There are so many cultural associations and art galleries working in Mumbai as Kala Ghoda their center. These organizations together formed the Kala Ghoda Association to improve the opportunities and the available physical area for activities. 

Restaurants and Cafes at Kala Ghoda

Restaurants and Cafes at Kala GhodaKala Ghoda hosts a no. of restaurants and cafes to provide a convenient experience to the thousands of tourists reaching the town.

The cafes in the Kala Ghoda town ranges from the budget class to the luxury class facilities.

The presence of the pleasant atmosphere, the Wi-Fi facilities and cabins available in the cafes makes the favorite place of people reside in Kala Ghoda to have business meetings as well as family gatherings.

How to Reach Kala Ghoda

The place can be accessible by both rail and road. Churchgate and CST, Mumbai are the nearest railway stations to the location. Old Custom House Bus Station, Horniman Circle, Hutatma Chowk Bus Station, Lions Gate Bus Station, R.B.I.  Bus Station are the bus stations located near to the Kala Ghoda. Bus service on regular intervals from all the nearby towns to the area makes it effortless to reach Kala Ghoda from every sides of Mumbai.

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