Jails in Mumbai

But sometimes its is the society, which is responsible for paving the wrong paths for the people. Punishing those who are wrong is necessary, but analyzing why people commit such crimes and getting to the root and solving these issues is more beneficial. 

So it is extremely necessary to help people clear their heads and talk them out from committing a horrible crime, than punishing them later and sentencing them to imprisonment for what they have done.

Jails in Mumbai
Taloja Jail is a small fort

Imprisonment has been an age-old method for punishing all those who do not abide by the law. India, having the biggest constitution, also has a lot of people who go against the rules and regulations stated in the constitution.  So the country also happens to have many prisons to accommodate all the law-breakers. A few of them have accommodated some of the most notorious international terrorists. 

There are two major jails in Mumbai. On the Sat Rasta (seven roads in Marathi), the Mumbai Central Prison is situated. It is very commonly knows as the Author Road Jail since the British times. 

There have not only been terrorists, but also celebrities who have gone in and out of this jail. It was upgraded to become the central prison in 1994. It is a very large prison and also happens to be Mumbai's oldest prison which accommodates most of Mumbai's prisoners and also many others from across the country. 

Mumbai Central Jail
A policeman stands guard at the gate of Arthur Jail

The other of the two jails in Mumbai is the Taloja jail in Navi Mumbai. It is spread over 77 acres of land and imprisons many big criminals. Imprisonment is not the only thing that happens in this jail.

There are counselors from YMCA who provide counseling to the inmates of the prison on weekly basis.  But it is definitely not like any of other prisons in Maharashtra, as there are solitary building which does not give a chance to the inmates to keep in touch with the rest of the world. In situations like these, the prisoners are given a chance to improve themselves by providing counseling.

All criminals are not born with evil intentions, it is necessary to help them uproot the evil intentions which is usually the result of other bad situations.  They require professional help to get over their need to commit a crime by focusing on removing their evil intentions along with the roots. 

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