Indigo Mumbai

Nestled inside a narrow lane near the iconic Gateway of India is one of the most celebrated restaurants of South Mumbai, Indigo. A restaurant that has single handedly brought the finesse of European cuisine to people of Mumbai.

Today if people of Mumbai can savor one of the finest European cuisines served in India, then it is all thanks to Indigo. Besides, here soulfully delicious European food is served in blissfully serene interiors which transcends foodies into world of sublime tranquility. 

Majesti & serene interior of Indigo.
Comfortable Interiors of Indigo

The interior being majestic & elegant is also equally spacious. At any given time Indigo can serve more than 100 people. Indigo is broadly divided into four parts:  Yellow room, Dining Room, Bar, Black lounge and Terrace. Each room is unlike other and brings its own charm. 

Relishing a delicious European dinner on this roof top terrace with beautiful lantern and candles lit all around and obviously accompanied with Mumbai’s vivacious nightlife is indeed a lifetime experience.

Indigo with all its spaciousness and supremely delicious food has also been one of the most desirable places to hold parties & events in Mumbai. Parties and events are generally held on roof top Terrace or Yellow Room.

All in all, this is a restaurant for those who literally swear by uncompromisingly delicious food and more so if you happen to be a diehard lover of European delicacies.  It is a restaurant that belongs to crème de layer where classy ambience meets one of the finest European cuisines served in India.      

Address: 4, Mandlik Rd, near Taj Mahal Hotel, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
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