Flora Fountain Mumbai

Flora Fountain
The beautiful Flora Fountain, also famous in the name Hutatma Chowk is an ornamental sculptured architectural wonder situated in the southern end of the historic Dadabhai Naoroji Road in Mumbai. 

The monument has been declared as one of the Heritage structures in India. This prestigious monument was built in the year of 1864 by the Agri Horticultural society of Western India. 

The total cost of construction of the fountain was about 47,000 princely rupees. The structure was given the name of the roman goddess of flowers, Flora. 

Actually Hutatma Chowk is the name of the square wall built around the Flora Fountain. 

The Flora Fountain has been illuminated to provide a splendid view to the visitors at night.

History of the Flora Fountain Mumbai

The history of the Flora Fountain lies associated with the old Mumbai Fort. Sir Bartle Frere the Mumbai governor of that time encouraged the municipal improvements in the rapidly growing Mumbai city. 

As a part of this the Fort was demolished by the British East India Company and a small road called as the Hornby Road was widened into a broad avenue.  The Hornby road is presently known as the Dadabhai Naoroji Road (D.N. Road), a site of colonial monuments and Crawford Market linked to the Victoria Terminus accessing the Flora Fountain. 

The Agri Horticultural Society of Western India took the initiatives for the construction of the fountain and famous architecture Richard Norman Shaw designed the structure of the Flora Fountain. Imported Portland stones were the main constituent of construction of the fountain.

The proposed name of the fountain was the name of the Mumbai governor of that time, Sir Bartle Frere, who took initiatives for the great public infrastructures in Mumbai. But the name of the fountain was confirmed as 'Flora", the roman goddess of flowers and spring season before its unveiling.

Hutatma Chowk

The place is called as the Picadilly Circle of Mumbai as it is the meeting point of five streets in the city. The place known before as the flora fountain area, was renamed as the Hutatma Chowk as a tribute to the martyrs who lost their lives in the square as a part of the protests for the formation of the Maharashtra state and a stone statue of a pair of torch holding patriots was erected in the square. 

Projects to keep the Flora Fountain heritage safe

The large sized sign boards are commonly seen in the location of Flora Fountain and the DadabhaiFlora Fountain Naoroji Road (D.N. Road). The Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (MMRDA) and people of the area started a project called “Dadabhai Naoroji Road Heritage Streetscape Project” for the maintaining and developing of the heritage sites in the area.

As a part of this, regulation of the shop fronts and sign boards was announced in the location. “The Heritage Mile Association” is an association of shopkeepers active in the location to restore the heritage character of the Dadabhai Naoroji Road with the public participation. As a result of these efforts The Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Development Authority was chosen for the UNESCO’s “Asia Pacific Heritage Award of Merit in the year 2004.

Writings about the Flora Fountain

A Mumbaite (resident of Mumbai) is an attractive writing by a cricketer, who played cricket in front of the fountain during his childhood. The poet Niranajan Bhagat translated the poem written about the Flora Fountain in Gujarati into English.

How to Reach

Sahara International Airport located 30 km away from Dadabhai Naoroji Road and the Santa Cruz Domestic Airport located 25 km away from the fountain are the nearest airports to location. 

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal railway station and The Bombay Central railway station are the major nearest railway stations to the spot. The Dadar, Churchgate, and Kurla railway stations are also located near to the fountain. The location of the flora fountain is well connected by the road. 

Contact and other fact

Address: Veer Nariman Road, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Architect: Richard Norman Shaw
Architectural style: Gothic Revival architecture
Opened: 1864
Open: 24 Hours

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