Electricity in Mumbai

Electricity in Mumbai
Beautifully lit skyscrapers in Mumbai: a gift from the Electricity Board

In the year 1882, Mumbai glanced the first show of light. Crawford market boasts with the pride of being first in witnessing the dazzle which only electricity can furnish. Let us be enlightened about the source from where the whole of Mumbai city drives its energy.

The Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) is considered to be one of the first electricity suppliers. It is located in Mumbai and popularly known as BEST. It has set up a power generating station at Wadi Bunder. 

Municipal Corporation had initiated the idea to BEST to supply lighting on streets. It was in the year 1921. 47 street junctions were planned to be lighted with electric lamps. Dr. Annie Besant Road saw the first stock of 36 lamps. These lamps had tungsten filaments.
Indian electricity rules came into practice in the year 1922.It flourished as a major profit making industry. The state of Maharashtra enjoyed a great control on this industry.  A tax was also introduced in 1932 on electricity. It was initiated to help the state to eradicate its financial obligations. It became a regular tax as many other taxes in the country.

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It was introduced way back in 1873, the thermal power station initiated by BEST had done the gargantuan task of supplying electricity to the entire Mumbai city. Electricity in Mumbai is its gift.  It is an autonomous body at present. Electricity in Mumbai has procured its power from Tata Power. Power cables underneath the ground. 

The electricity in Mumbai various departments in the company which together has earned a good revenue since it's inception. The lighting up the whole Mumbai city is just a  small story written by the electricity department of Mumbai, BEST has done the marvellous job of supplying house hold electricity, street lights, public and private supply and it has turned to be BEST indeed.

There has been a new schedule of Electricity Tariff with effect from 1spetember, 2013. The Maharashtra electricity Regularity commission vested. The Tariff would be played by consumers on Tax on sale of electricity. These are imposing by the Government.

There are various helpline numbers for electricity supply in Mumbai. BEST has equipped itself for customer friendly solutions through 24 hrs power breakdown service, power failure service stations in various areas in Mumbai.

We cannot imagine a world without those lights and fans and definitely the hi tech world would be blind folded and the world would embrace a stagnation if only electricity would not have been introduced. 

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