Dominos in Mumbai

Dominos is one of the largest and fastest growing food service companies with a network of more than Dominos Pizza restaurants. It has around 88 outlets in the Mumbai city. Over a long period, these Dominos outlets in Mumbai deliver great tasting Pizza and sides, superior quality, exceptional customer care and value for money to those who visit here.

Menu of Dominos Mumbai

Dominos arrange a huge list of wide variety of pizzas for food loving people at their restaurants. Let’s have a quick search of the various pizza options available at Dominos here.

Popular Veg Pizzas at Dominos Mumbai

  • Spicy delight pizza: an exotic pizza with a combination of golden corn, red paprika and jalapeno as toppings
  • Double cheese margherita pizza: loaded with extra cheese
  • Fresh veggie pizza: brimming over with crisp capsicum and crunchy onions
  • Country special: loaded with crisp capsicum, crunchy onions and fresh juice tomatoes
  • Farm house pizza: overloaded with crisp capsicum, onions, succulent mushrooms and fresh tomatoes
  • Peppy paneer pizza: decorated with chunky paneer and spicy red pepper
  • Mexican green wave pizza: loaded with a liberal sprinkling of exotic Mexican herbs along with capsicum, onions and juicy tomatoes
  • Delux veggie: decorated with delectable mushrooms with golden corn and paneer
  • Gourmet pizza: topped with golden corn, extra cheese, black olives and jalapeno
  • 5 pepper pizza: topped with yellow bell pepper, red bell pepper, red paprika, jalapeno and sprinked with exotic herb
  • Veg extravaganza pizza: overloaded with golden corn, crunchy onions, crisp capsicum, exotic black olives

Popular Non Veg Pizzas at Dominos Mumbai

Don’t think that Dominos prefer the tastes of vegetarians. The non-veg food loving people get numerous varieties of non-veg pizzas including
  • Cheese and barbeque chicken pizza
  • Barbeque chicken pizza
  • Spicy chicken pizza
  • Chicken fiesta pizza
  • Keema Do Pyaaza pizza
  • Chicken Mexicana pizza
  • Chicken golden delight pizza
  • Zesty chicken pizza
  • Meatzaa pizza
  • Cheese and pepperoni pizza
Besides the pizza varieties, Dominos also present some other delicious dishes in the categories like side orders, beverages, crusts and toppings.

Home Delivery Service of Mumbai Dominos

If you have no time to visit Dominos outlets Mumbai to have your favourite pizza, don’t worry just make a call and order the item that you want. You may wonder how they can manage an order to delivery cycle time of just 30 minutes. 

The Dominos in Mumbai have developed a reputation in home delivery services by delivering pizzas within minutes to the customers. They also ensure fun, happiness and convenience to the consumers by delivering delicious pizzas to their doorstep.

Other Services

Other remarkable thing at Dominos is the excellent services offered by the well trained and experienced professional staff that make create a smile on the face of the customers.  The waiters and other staff are friendly and their services are fast. The pizzas are generally good and worth to the money.

In short, Dominos is one of the most famous fast food chains in Mumbai where people usually love to visit when their stomach grumble.  The delicious dishes, the helping mentality of the staff and the affordable price attract more and more people to Dominos everyday.

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