Dhabas of Mumbai

Why wait for other places, when there is Mumbai Meri Jaan, to serve your needs. Be it a job or cuisine, you will find best dishes here out in Mumbai. 

But it is well known for its typical desi-style dhabhas. Obviously, dhabhas have a trend from Punjab, Amritsar and whole of north India. But if wanting a replica of the same, you will find it in none other than ‘Aamchi Mumbai’.

Dhabas for Authentic Indian Food

Dhabas for Authentic Indian Food

Dhabhas are place where you will find authentic Indian food with lots of love and a sprinkle of culture on it. So whether you are hungry or planning for a get together, no other place than dhabhas will fulfil your needs. 

Dhabhas are stationed in almost every highway in India. It is the culture that reflects in these dhabhas while serving food that will make you come again and again for enjoying this experience. 

Mumbai Dhabas: Traveler’s Stopover!

It’s strange where earlier these dhabhas, were stopovers for travellers, whereas now it has become their part and parcel of their life and have now created a benchmark for the same. But what makes dhabhas different from restaurants? In Mumbai, you will find dhabhas just like the typical one you are expecting to be. It is traditional, homeliness and cultural.


It is the ambience in the dhabhas which gives it top priority among the travellers and food lovers which cannot resist them to visit here again and again. You will never have the formal style of presenting your dishes and eating here. Here, nobody will use a spoon or fork; it’s all in your hands! 

And that’s the reason people make an escape from five stars and prefer eating in a dhabha. One prefers to be comfortable while eating food, and there is no other place than a dhabha fulfilling your needs.

Indian Food


If ambience is what people come for, and then obviously don’t forget the food. It is the Desi-style cuisine you will find here with lots of ‘Ma ka Pyar’.

You will be made sitting in a cot just like your home and the food will be served to you. 

If you are a fan of Punjabi dishes, then no other place than a dhabha will make you love it more.

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