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Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai

The word ‘Zaveri’ is Hindi translation of English word ‘jewelry’. And that’s what the iconic Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai is all about: Jewelry. It is the largest retail and wholesale market for jewelry in entire India. As matter of a fact, more than 70% of all Jewelry trading & dealing in India happens in the very own Zaveri Bazaar of Mumbai. Zaveri Bazaar, however, isn’t just about quantity and gives immense importance on quality too.

Only 100% original and best quality jewelries are sold here. The quality is ensured by highly talented and skilled artisans, most of whose families have been doing jewelry business in Zaveri Bazaar area since many generations. And if anything else, artisans of Zaveri Bazaar are best among the world, their designed jewelry products are exported all across the world including Middle Eastern and European countries.

If you want to buy these world class jewelry items of Zaveri Bazaar at discounted rate, then it is always better to visit during festive seasons – especially Diwali and Akshay Tritiya.   

The Primary Jewelry items sold at Zaveri Bazaar includes:

  • All kinds of gems and precious stones.
  • Bridesmaids Jewelry. 
  • Jewelry ornaments of traditional Indian designs as well as modern designs. 
  • Napkin rings/diamond rings
  • Gold & sliver coins as well as gold & sliver bar.
Zaveri Bazaar is also immensely popular for selling photo frames designed with precious ornaments. Besides, Zaveri Bazaar is also known for selling other interesting items: high quality tea-sets, dinnerware and toys.

Buyer trying gold bangale at Zaveri bazaar shop.

Iconic and popular jewelry shops at Zaveri Bazaar

Although Zaveri Bazaar has more than 100 jewelry shops, some of them are immensely popular and enjoy lot of trust worthiness among customers. In fact few of these iconic shops are today huge brand names across India.        
  • Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri
  • Tanishq
  • Keertilals
  • Dwarkadas Chandumal
  • UTZ

Some interesting facts about Zaveri Bazaar

Before you begin your visit to Zaveri Bazaar, there are some interesting facts about this place that you need to know. Actually these very interesting facts or factors make Zaveri Bazaar such a unique destination for jewelry shopping.

  • Zaveri Bazaar isn’t posh and affluent shopping area. In fact this area is actually muddle of dingy narrow lanes that are dotted with innumerable jewelry shops. You won’t experience any sophisticated shopping or state-of-the-art facilities here. This place is chaotic, noisy and even little unhygienic.
  • Bargain hard here. The best thing to do is to visit as many shops you can and then compare the prices. Don’t just settle for one shop. Remember Zaveri Bazaar has more than 100 jewelry shops, so comparing prices here is a cakewalk.
  • Besides being a hub for booming jewelry business, Zaveri Bazaar is also a place which celebrates classic Gothic architectural buildings. Although many of these Victorian Gothic architectural buildings are in depleted conditions, but witnessing these priceless monuments with your naked eyes is indeed a privilege.
  • Zaveri Bazaar is probably the only shopping destination in entire Mumbai that is laced with innumerable CCTV cameras, monitoring this critically & immensely important commercial hub 24/7 & 365 days. This place is also regularly rounded up Mumbai police officials. All these security arrangements make this commercial hub one of the most secured shopping destinations in the entire country.
Zaveri Bazaar

Famous street food and restaurants at Zaveri Bazaar

Zaveri Bazaar has its own share of street food and fast food restaurants. In fact once this place had a very thriving street food industry, but after 2011 terror attack in Zaveri Bazaar area, most of the street hawkers were forced to evacuate the area. However, Zaveri Bazaar even today with its limited food hawkers and fast food restaurants offer some yummy and spicy food.

Shree Mahalaxmi – famous for mustard seed-flecked sev khamni
Address: Shop No.6, Usman Manzil, 3rd Agiary Lane, Zaveri Bazaar

Mokshkari Dugdhapan – famous for Surti milk-based specialties – serves milkshakes and dry-fruit shakes.

Pappu’s Chivda Bhel – this spicy bhel is unlike any other bhel that is found anywhere else in Mumbai
Address: Corner of Dhanji Street and 1st Agiary Lane, Zaveri Bazaar.

Dayaram’s Chhappan Bhog – famous for spicy chaat.
Address: Shop No.2, 191 Kapadiya Building, 2nd Agiary Lane, Zaveri Bazaar.

How to reach Zaveri Bazaar

Zaveri Bazaar is located near iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. But from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus you can take cab or bus only up-till Crawford market or little further than that. This is so because since serial blasts in 2011 in Mumbai no buses, taxis or even private vehicles are allowed in Zaveri Bazaar.

The total distance between C.S.T station and Zaveri Bazaar is barely 2 km. As for reaching C.S.T station, it is the main terminal of central and harbor railway local trains and hence there can be no dearth of local trains whatsoever for C.S.T station.

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