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Shopping in Mumbai

Shopping in Mumbai is an adventurous roller coaster trip, where possibilities have no end at all. Shopping in Mumbai means bargaining to the fullest of your heart, and it also means splurging like a greedy shopaholic. It is a world where rawness of street shopping meets sophisticated shopping experience of shopping malls. A world where plethora of international brands meet local brands. All in all there is something for everyone when it comes to shopping in Mumbai.

Best Shopping Places in Mumbai

Linking Road in Mumbai

Located at the very heart of Bandra – the hippest suburb of Mumbai - linking road is one of the hottest shopping destinations of Mumbai. Linking road is crowded with plethora of street stalls that sell all funky things ranging from clothes, bags, shoes, chapels and even jewelries. The street stalls here predominately sell female related items, so guys would be tad disappointed.

Best Street Shopping in Mumbai

However, linking road is more than street shopping, here one will also find many swanky retail stores selling top international brands. And once you’re done with all the street & retail shopping, you can munch some yummy foods at innumerable fast food centers here.

With street shopping, retail brand shopping and fast food chains coming together, Linking Road is a shopping destination that is unlike any other. Linking road is just 10 minutes walking distance from Bandra station (west).

What all you can buy here? All the funky female apparels and other funky female related shopping items sold by innumerable street stalls; don’t forget to bargain.

Fashion Street in Mumbai

Located in the heart of South Mumbai, Fashion Street is indeed all about trendy fashion cloths – both males & females. There are over 150 stalls that sell all kinds of funky & western cloths mainly targeted at teenage and young generation. Fashion Street is also heartland of bargain shoppers. In fact all the college crowd of Mumbai with their limited pocket money head towards Fashion Street for bargain shopping.

Famous Shopping Area in Mumbai

However, cloths and apparels sold here are not very high on quality. But it is the amazing choices that Fashion Street provides that make this place worthwhile for shopping. With over 150 stalls, you’ll find amazing range of jeans, tops, t shirts, trousers, salwar kameez and many other types of apparel.

Fashion Street is located very near to the Churchgate station.
Why visit Fashion Street? One can get all kinds of western outfits at unbelievable bargain prices. However, one has to be very good at bargaining.

Colaba Causeway in Mumbai

Its next to impossible to not to include Colaba Causeway in the top shopping destinations of Mumbai. This South Mumbai shopping destination offers everything that a diehard shopaholic craves for: right from bargain shopping to street shopping to up-market retail stores.

Here innumerable street stalls and small shops are hugely popular among bargain shoppers. They sell all the popular shopping stuffs: apparels, fake jewelries, watches, shoes, chapels, bangles, electronic gadgets and many other things. If you are good at bargaining then you’ll get all of these things at unbelievably lower price, or else you may also end up paying unreasonable higher price.

Famous Shopping Place in Mumbai

However, bargaining is a next to impossible proposition in the upmarket retail shops here – they sell all the branded stuff at fixed prices. Another unique thing about Colaba Causeway is that it is immensely popular among foreigners. One will find huge number of foreigners shopping here.

Colaba Causeway is at a walkable distance from C.S.T and Churchgate station.

Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai

Want to buy jewelry? Head to Zaveri Bazaar. Zaveri Bazaar isn’t just hub of jewelry market of Mumbai but of entire India. More than 70% of all jewelry trading & dealing in India is done at Zaveri Bazaar.

Jewellery Shopping in Mumbai

Zaveri Bazaar actually compromises of muddle of narrow lanes dotted with hundreds of jewelry shops that sell all kinds of jewelry: gems, gold, ornaments of traditional Indian designs to modern design. Another very important is that all the jewelry sold here are 100% quality assured. The market is located at the Bhuleshwar area in South Mumbai.

Chor Bazaar in Mumbai

Chor Bazaar literally means thieves market and Chor Bazaar of Mumbai is officially the biggest Chor Bazaar of India. Probably there is no other place in entire India where such huge quantity of second hand & stolen products are sold under one roof. And there is nothing that is not sold in Chor Bazaar: furniture, vintage & antique items, replacement parts of automobile, second hand computers, second hand laptops, clothes, pirated CDS & DVDs and many other things.

Chor Bazaar is also heartland of bargain shopping, but you’ve to be good in bargaining otherwise sellers can trick you with their obnoxious high prices. This place is overwhelmingly crowded, especially on Fridays when there is jumma market. Chor Bazaar comes alive especially on Jumma market. To nearest station to Chor Bazaar is the GT station.

Heera Panna Shopping Center in Mumbai

This is one of the oldest & famous upmarket shopping destinations of Mumbai. This shopping center has nearly 140 to 150 shops that sell plethora things: electronic gadgets, smart phones, apparels, CD & DVDs, perfumes & cosmetics and many other things.

However, Heera Panna is more renowned for electronic gadgets and smart phones. Another important thing is that this place isn’t really good for bargaining, since most of the goods sold here are branded and high quality. The market is located very close to the famous Haji Ali Dargah.

Other Famous Shopping Places in Mumbai

Wholesale Markets in Mumbai

Mumbai, being the financial capital and economic hub of India, has many wholesale markets dealing with all kinds of products. In fact some of wholesale markets in Mumbai are largest wholesale markets in entire India.

  • Crawford Market: Crawford market in Mumbai is one of the biggest wholesale markets for fruits & vegetable in entire India. Everyday thousands of Mumbaikars flock to Crawford market to buy fresh fruits & vegetables at wholesale rate.
Wholesale markets in Mumbai
  • APMC market in Vashi: APMC market in Vashi is officially Asia’s largest wholesale market for agricultural products. It is also one of the biggest whole sale markets for fruits & vegetables in India.
  • Mangaldas Market: Mangaldas market in Mumbai is the largest wholesale market for cloths and garments in India. Everyday thousands of Mumbaikars flock to Mangaldas market to buy best quality cloths at wholesale rate.
  • Zaveri Bazaar: This is the biggest wholesale cum retail market for jewelries & diamonds in entire India. In fact more than 70% of all Jewelry trading & dealing in India happens in the very own Zaveri Bazaar of Mumbai.
  • Manish Market: This is officially the biggest wholesale market for Made In China products in india. Manish market is especially renowned for selling Made in China smart phones/mobile phones.

Flea Markets in Mumbai

Mumbai indeed can claim to be the capital of street markets in India. Besides Mumbai, probably no other city in this country boosts so many lively and famous street markets. In fact, it is in these innumerable street markets that Mumbai really comes alive, displaying all its diversity, multiethnic and cosmopolitan lifestyle in all its plump and glory. Street markets in Mumbai are also heartland for die hard bargain shoppers in Mumbai city.

Markets in Mumbai

  • Chor Bazaar or Flea Market: Chor Bazaar or flea market in Mumbai is the biggest street market in the entire city. It does have its own share of indoor stores, but majority of goods are sold on the streets. And it sells everything and anything under the sun: from daily used products like cloths to high-end gadgets like smart phones, led TVs, laptops and even antique arts and automobile replacement parts.
  • Linking Road:Located at the very heart of Bandra market, linking road is by far one of the most popular street markets in entire Mumbai city. Linking road is actually string & clutter of street stalls that predominately caters to female items: western funky cloths, traditional cloths, slippers & footwear’s, bags and imitation jewelries. Linking road shopping experience is indeed nothing short of divine experience for female shopaholics of Mumbai city.
  • Bhuleshwar Market: Located at the very heart of south Mumbai and also one of the oldest markets in the entire city, Bhuleshwar market brings together the rawness of street shopping and traditionalism of retail shopping. Its immense proximity to iconic Crawford market & Zaveri bazaar and being home to some of the oldest buildings in the city lends a very distinct aura to this market.
  • Fashion Street: For Mumbaikars ‘fashion street’ doesn’t need any introduction at all. Located in south Mumbai, this area is dotted with over 150 stalls that sell western funky cloths at unbelievable bargain rates.
  • Dadar Market: Located just outside Dadar station (west), Dadar market is one of the busiest street markets in entire Mumbai. Though it is immensely popular for selling fresh vegetables & fruits at affordable rates, there are other miscellaneous items that are sold in this chaotic and overcrowded market: Plastic crockery’s, Newspapers, Bed sheets, foot sheets, pillow covers, household items, cloths, stationery and many other things.

Other famous markets in Mumbai city

  • Heera Panna Market: Heera Panna market in Mumbai is where Mumbaikars flock to buy latest electronic gadgets. In this famous shopping center latest smart phones, LED TVs, music systems, DVD players and many other electronic gadgets of all the leading brands are sold.
  • Lokhandwala Market: Located approximately 8 kilometers away from Andheri Railway Station (west), Lokhandwala market is one of the upscale markets in suburban Mumbai. This up-market cum residential place is dotted with many boutiques and branded retail stores. One of the most popular shopping malls of Mumbai ‘Infiniti mall’ is located at the very heart of Lokhandwala. Infiniti mall offers all the biggest & renowned brands: Zodiac, Levis, Reymond, Westside, Arrow and many other renowned brands.
Flea markets in Mumbai

The shopping world of Mumbai is a big gigantic world of shops spread across the landscape of Mumbai city. The innumerable and thousands of shops in Mumbai are clear vindication of shopaholic nature of Mumbaikars. Indeed these thousands of shops in Mumbai is what makes life in this city so colorful and larger than life.

Shops in Mumbai

After all when we shop, we don’t shop only to full fill our needs but also to celebrate life in general: whether it is to celebrate our love for books, music, jewelry, sports, clothes and many other beautiful aspects of human life. And Mumbai with its thousands of shops gives all the reason and freedom to Mumbaikars to celebrate each aspect life to the fullest.

Shops in Mumbai

Book Shops in Mumbai
Mumbai has fair share of bookworms and literature lovers, who find immense solace in chain of popular bookstores as well as local book shops spread across the island city. To know more about the different book shops in Mumbai.

Cake Shops in Mumbai
If you want to indulge your sweet tooth in some mind boggling tastes, you can try out the amazing bakeries and cake shops in Mumbai. Amazingly, Mumbai has a fine collaboration of Bakery skills from different cultures around the world. The culinary skills of Parsis, Gujratis, Christians, Anglo Indians has made Mumbai a paradise for foodies. Know more about the various cake shops in Mumbai

Furniture Shops in Mumbai
Buying a new house or renting a new office in Mumbai? You obviously need furniture to make it appear more attractive and comfortable. To know where you can get the best deals and varieties on furniture in Mumbai.

shops in Mumbai

Pet Shops in Mumbai
All the needs of your beloved puppies and doggies are covered and fulfilled by huge number of pet shops in Mumbai.

Musical Instrument Shops in Mumbai
And if you are an aspiring musician living in Mumbai, then you can strike a musical chord with countless musical instruments and guitar shops in Mumbai.

Jewelry Shops in Mumbai
Mumbai is well known as a jeweler's hub. With some of the most prominent national and international jewelers readily making Mumbai as their headquarters, the importance of city as a trading center has surely risen. Know more about the various jewelry shops in Mumbai.

Shops in Mumbai

Saree Shops in Mumbai

Mumbai is also known widely for it's clothes market. In Mumbai one can find all sorts of clothes, from cheap road side clothes to high priced branded clothes. Mumbai also boasts of some of the best apparel brand stores. Especially for sarees, one can find a wide range from Kanjivaram silk to Banarasi sarees. Visit to know more about the various saree shops in Mumbai.

Sports Shop in Mumbai
Mumbai is a city of sports fanatics; not just cricket but one can find sports related goods of all kinds. Visit to know more about the different sports shop in Mumbai.

Shopping Malls in Mumbai
With the advent of foreign retail giants like Walmart, the India companies have also innovated themselves to offer the best retailing experience to the customers. Visit to know about the different malls in Mumbai.

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