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Relive Your Passion in City of Dreams - Mumbai

Standing on the sea side, 25 years back, Shah Rukh Khan said, “I will rule this city.” Need to say more, he is ruling the world today!  That’s the charm of Mumbai, a place where millions of dreams come true, uncountable smile flourish and every drop of tear finds its worth. Mumbai, the dream city of India is the place where creativity and capital finds its end. With changing time, more and more youth looking for the work they love, rather than money and security, is pumping the importance of this city in India even more.
endless sea

Like endless sea, Mumbai has endless opportunities to give. Be it glamour industry, creative industry or business. However, on one side there are skyscrapers, on the other side typical ‘Mumbaiya’ vadapao, that make the city a perfect blend of modernity and traditional legacy. This city is for all the passionate sleepless souls, which seeks pride in creating something, than working like a robot.

A City with Vested Powers to Fulfill Dreams
It is said that Mumbai is not just city but it is commemoration of dreams. The reason why it is called city of dreams is that it has made millions of people, created millions of personalities and above all millions alive in our hearts forever. It is the only place where one may struggle, fight for life but eventually find an end that is way more satisfying and soothing.

Like millions of stories like Shahrukh Khan, where there are fierce dreams, a fire to prove self and a passion to win the world has come true in Mumbai. Not just film industry and personalities like Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan but also people like Dhiru Bhai Ambani.

The Dichotomy of Aspiration
The crowds and chaos of Mumbai can bewilder even the savviest of traveller but settle into its rhythms and you'll soon be won over.

From Bombay to Mumbai, over the years it has enticed, fulfilled and satisfied endless fiery passions, which one and only city provides. This city is tough, selfish and heartless, so it teaches to be strong, head upwards and rise when we fall. Ironically, at the same time Mumbai, is happiness hub and lively land enticing the petty aspiration to all the beholders of dreams? 

So if you have a little creative, fewer dreams and much passion, Mumbai is awaiting you with open hands, and so does success to embrace you and own you completely. A city where you cannot only live but relive you dreams. A city which is testimony of broken hearts yet the courage to deal with it.
There is a dialogue in Batman Begins, “Why do we fall Bruce?” and the response is “So than we can learn to pick ourself up.” This city is the essence of same, a city which gives you a hand when you fall so that you can pick youself to the success, fame and satisfaction.

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