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Mumbai Specials

Mumbai is dream city, one which has been a lucky charm for many and while a downturn for others. Known as the "Commercial Capital of India", "Maximum City" and "City of Dreams", Mumbai was a major industrial port in the past. That high rise hasn't changed at all and the city is now a cosmopolitan, giving shelter and employment to many. Though, you might be well aware of all the tourist spots and the best hotspots to be in the city, still there are many faces of the city yet unseen. With Mumbai Specials we're trying to bring some to you. Stay updated.

The Undying Spirit of Cafe Leopold in Mumbai

Mumbai Specials

After the gruesome terror attacks Mumbai was in utter shock. The loss of lives and properties was enormous. Though these examples of business entities rising up and running again are true examples of heroism - Leopold Cafe is one among them.

Mumbai Specials

An Enigmatic Journey Along the Konkan Trail

The train journey along the Konkan Trail is 'should-not-be-missed-train-routes' of India.

Mumbai at Night Mumbai Specials

Discover the 8 best places you can visit at night in the city that never sleeps. Know more

Mumbai SpecialsThe History of BEST Buses in Mumbai

Since early childhood, most of us have been avid admirers of the myriad ways in which filmmakers have depicted the beauty of Mumbai, but the one thing that serves as the common link between all of them is the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport – or BEST, as it is popularly known as.

Best Beach Destinations Near Mumbai

Mumbai Specials

Mumbai might be port city, but the hustle and bustle of the city drifts visitors and locals to explore the nearby beach attractions. Check the best ones on the West Coast beach in Mumbai.

Tallest Building in Mumbai Mumbai Specials

Mumbai is the city of skyscrapers, check out the tallest buildings in the metro.

Most Famous Vada Pav Joints in MumbaiMumbai Specials

Vada Pav is known as the "poor man's burger" and is considered a staple diet in the metro city. Find out about the best joints of this legendary street food Here

Best Monsoon Destinations Near Mumbai

Mumbai Specials
Other than all the hustle and bustle Mumbai is known for its beautiful rains. Prepare your cutting chai and some pakoras as we bring the best places to enjoy monsoon near Mumbai. Continue reading...

Story Behind the Name Mumbai Mumbai Specials

Mumbai is an old city rich with a great history. Know how this splendid city got it's name. Continue reading....

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