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Mumbai Libraries

Libraries are not less than a treasure for the book lovers, who like to spend their their quite afternoon in peace and a place like Mumbai along with hustle bustle of this great city people who like to indulge themselves in reading these libraries are great way to sit and have some alone time. The libraries in Mumbai are as much old as the city itself and therefore hold an old world charm to themselves, be it their architecture or the reading literature available in them. There are mainly four libraries in Mumbai which serve all your purposes of reading in a calm place along with a great variety of books and creative artifacts as well.

British Council Library in Mumbai

Situated on Elphinstone road, The British council library, Mumbai is a part of the large chain of British council libraries in India. Serving the purpose of doorstep delivery of the required books the British council is solving a lot issues for the readers because you don't have to step out of your homes to borrow a book but can order the required book online and it will be delivered at your doorstep. Along with online books British council also provides e-journals and regularly hold literary events for their members. The library has around 85,000 e-books and 14,000 journals named to itself.

Apart from library services British council also provides English courses for young learners, adults, for workplace , exam preparation courses and corporate training as well. The best quality services provided for cracking international university examinations British council library serves many of your requirements. This chain is wide spread in India and along with Mumbai British council libraries are located in 8 other cities: Ahmadabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi and Pune.

Asiatic Library Mumbai

Asiatic Society Library in Mumbai

First formed with the intention of promoting useful knowledge and originated from literary society of Bombay, Asiatic society still stands strong to serve the purpose of reading their favorite books in the most serene atmosphere for the readers of this city. Artifacts, 15,000 rare and valuable books, a hundred thousand books, ancient manuscripts written in Persian, Sanskrit and Prakrit, 11,829 coins which include gold coin of Kumargupta, Akbar & Shivaji, 1300 maps all these and much more belonging to this ancient library are quite enough to make you want to read out some ancient history and gather information.

The Asiatic society was started in 1800 by Sir James Mackintosh and it's built in  greek & roman style architecture. Over the years this library has become a heritage place and one of the key landmarks of South Bombay and the steps leading to library are popularly known as Asiatic steps which have become famous for hangouts as well.

The life membership services are available at rs 1000-1500 and members can borrow total of 15 books and 3 magazines.

David Sasson Library and Reading Room Mumbai

Located in the heart of business district of Mumbai, the David Sasson library is also a heritage structure for the city. Tracing back the history the original idea was to set up a library and museum of mechanical models & architectural designs & to organize lectures and discussions on science & technology but in march 1938, the Sasson mechanics institute was rechristened to David Sasson library and reading room.

The library has a very large collection of rare & old books, the membership fees is of Rs 44oo in which rs 1500 is a refundable deposit, rs 500 is a non refundable deposit and rs 2400 is for one year subscription. This library has a different charm associated with it mainly because of it's history and the Venetian styled Gothic architecture, so for the people who love history and like to experience some ancient world atmosphere and indulge themselves in reading history this library is the best place to go.

David Sasson Library

Jawahar Lal Nehru Library in Mumbai

Situated in Santacruz, Mumbai this library belongs to the University of Mumbai but gives all type of services to other readers as well, Jawahar lal Nehru library was established in 1864 and is rich in various reference materials, bibliographical tools, books on maths, social sciences and Indology. The library holds a large collection of ancient books and manuscripts such as more than 1190 manuscripts in Arabic, Persian & Urdu and about 7418 manuscripts in Sanskrit & allied languages. The library has also got Dr. John Wilson's collection as a gift from his successors.

The key attraction if this library is the number of books and other reading materials available which include 6,99,321 books, 20,000 thesis & dissertation, 12,000 periodicals, 15,000 manuscripts and 2000 micro forms.

The post graduate students, faculty members and researchers of this university get the reading and borrowing facilities, and the journalists, writers & visitors are also given membership under the general reader category.

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