Historical Chronology of Mumbai

The history of Mumbai dates back to 600 BC when the first human settlement came into existence.
A complete list of major Historic Events Mumbai is as follows;

Historical Chronology of Mumbai

200 B.C: Satvahanas enters into Kanheri area
1000 A. D.: Establishment of temple at Walukeshwar and Ambernath during the Shilahar governance.
1100 A. D.: Mahikawati on Mahim Island has been established as a capital city by King Bhimrao
1401 A. D.: Sultan of Gujarat ruled over Mumbai.
1534 A. D.: Portuguese acquired the city of Mumbai from Muslim regime.
1661 A. D.: Portuguese hand over Mumbai Island to British Prince Charles as a gift dowry.
1668 A. D.: The East India Company completely established its governance Mumbai.

Historical Chronology of Mumbai

1708 A. D.: Bhuleshwar Temple has been established during this period.
1718 A. D.: St. Thomas Church opened for the citizens.
1766 A. D.: Mumbadevi temple located near Bombay’s Old Fort has shifted to area near Zaveri Bazar.
1770 A. D.: A Light House has been constructed at Colaba.
1776 A. D.: Ferry service started between Mumbai and Thane.
1792 A. D.: Bench of Judges came into existence.
1794 A. D. : General post office started functioning.
1805 A. D. : Completion of Sion causeway and broadening of major roads.
1823 A. D. : Rule of keeping to left on roads imposed.
1825 A. D. : Postal service started Mumbai .
1826 A. D. : Establishment of Colaba Observatory.
1829 A. D.: Work of mint completed. Royal Asiatic Society of Bombay started.
1830 A. D.: Mumbadevi Tank has been constructed
1832 A. D.: Establishment of Wilson School (Later on become a College).

Historical Events of Mumbai

1833 A. D.: Town Hall was built in the city.
1840 A. D.: Establishment of the Bank of Bombay.
1843 A. D.: J. J. Hospital was constructed by the Government
1845 A. D.: Mahim-Bandra causeway has been built
1849 A. D.: Stating of G.I.P Railway.
1853 A. D.: Commencement of Mumbai -Thane Railway.
1854 A. D.: Comencement of first textile mill at Tardeo.
1855 A. D.: Commencement of B.B. & C. I function.
1857 A. D.: Establishmnet of Mumbai University And J. J. School of Arts has been opened the city.
1860 A. D.: Completion of Virar water supply project.
1861 A. D.: Establishment of High Court.
1864 A. D.: First official Census commended.
1867 A. D.: B.B. & C. I. Railway begins Railway service from Mumbai Backbay to Virar.
1869 A. D.: First Post office Mumbai becomes operational.
1870 A.D.: David Sasoon Library came into existence.
1872 A. D.: Establishment of Mumbai Municipal Council along with Victoria and Albert Museum has also been constructed.
1873 A. D.: Bombay Port Trust has been established. St. Xavier's College has also been constructed completed.
1874 A. D. : Tramway Started. Complete construction of the secretariat and the University building.
1878 A.D.: Construction of the Building of High Court Building has been finished.
1879 A.D.: Scheme for Tulsi Lake water supply successfully completed.
1880 A. D.: Inauguration of Princess Dock.
1885 A. D.: Indian National Congress has been founded.
1887 A. D.: Bombay Stock Exchange becomes operational.
1888 A. D.: Inaugration of Victoria Dock. Completion of “Lake Water Supply” project. Construction of St .George Hospital completed. Kasturba Hospital and Anjuman Islam School started functioning.
1893 A. D.: Bombay Municipal Corp. completely constructed.
1897 A. D.: Arrival of first motor car the city of Mumbai.
1903 A. D.: Taj Mahel Hotel established Appolo Bunder.
1904 A. D.: Cooperage Ground, a football stadium opened for public.

Mumbai Chronology

1905 A. D.: Prince of Wales visited Mumbai.
1909 A. D.: Majestic Hotel has been established.
1913 A. D.: Raja Harishchandra, the first Indian film made by Dada Saheb Phalke has been released.
1914 A. D.: Prince of Wales Museum construction has been completed.
1918 A. D.: Industrial workers gone for a strike which was a first ever historical strike Mumbai.
1919 A. D.: Sad demise of Lokmanya Tilak. Commencement of “Non- Coperation Movement” by Mahatma Gandhi
1920 A. D.: Commencement of Royal Institute of science.
1922 A. D.: Grand Hotel (Ballard Pier) opened. Primary Education Act passed.
1923 A. D.: Prince of Wales Museum has been opened for public.

Historical Chronology of Mumbai

1924 A. D.: Inauguration of Gateway of India.
1926 A. D.: Commencement of Motor bus service from Afghan Church to Crawford Market.
1931 A. D.: Borough Municipal offices established at Parel & Andheri. The first Indian talkies film ' Alam Aara ' has been released.
1933 A. D.: Regal Cinema started the city.
1938 A. D.: Metro and Eros Cinemas has been launched Establishment of Ruia College.
1939 A. D.: Poddar Collage has been completely constructed.
1940 A. D.: Marine Drive established.
1941 A. D.: Tata Memorial Hospital has been completely constructed.
1942 A. D.: Quit India movement launched at Gowalia Tank.
1944 A. D.: A very heavy explosion the Victoria Dock.
1945 A. D.: Greater Bombay has been formed.

Historical Chronology of Mumbai

1946 A. D.: BEST transferred to the Mumbai Municipal Corp.
1947 A. D.: India gained freedom from Britishers’ and become independent.
1948 A. D.: Air India airline has been formed.
1950 A. D.: Suburban Areas merged with the Municipal area of Mumbai.
1952 A. D.: Vallabhbhai Patel Indoor Stadium constructed at Haji Ali.
1955 A. D.: Administrative headquarter of the state of Maharashtra established South Mumbai.
1960 A. D.: Mumbai has been declared as the Capital city of Maharashtra state.
1995 A. D.: The name of the city has been officially renamed from Bombay to Mumbai.

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