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Colaba Causeway in Mumbai

Ask any South Mumbai person which is the best place in South Mumbai or Colaba Mumbai for budget & bargain shopping. The name that invariably pops up from their mouth is: Colaba Causeway. Yes, Fashion Street – also located in South Mumbai – is equally popular among bargain shoppers. But, Colaba Causeway with its surrounding Gothic architecture, sea of people crammed in narrowing lanes, insane chaos all-around and not to forgot its immense proximity to iconic Gateway of India, makes it one of the unique shopping destinations of Mumbai.

The Colaba Market is one of the best shopping destinations, especially for the women shoppers. For a normal college student with a limited budget, Colaba Causeway can be a paradise, with the all kinds of trendy fashion and accessories.

The essence of Colaba Causeway is its clutters of stalls and small shops that are literally stringed together. In these clutter of shops & stalls one will find all the hot selling items: all kinds of trendy western cloths, fake jewelries, antique items, electronic products, footwear, CDs & DVDs and even books.

Colaba Causeway

Important Things about Colaba Causeway

Colaba Causeway shopping experience is surely incomplete without these unique things – things that any new visitor to Colaba Causeway should know about.
  • Bargain as hard as you can. A bargaining tip: start bargaining from 50% of the quoted price and then gradually raise your price.
  • The place is full of chaos, so get ready for some jostling & pushing. If you want to avoid crowd then go during afternoon from 1 pm to 4:30 pm. If you don’t want mind crowd, then you can visit this place on Saturday & Sunday when the crowd is at its fullest.
  • Colaba Causeway also has many upmarket retail stores that sell many international brands; obviously you can’t bargain here.
  • This place is also dotted with many high end restaurants where you can taste many intercontinental cuisines. Colaba Causeway also has a McDonald outlet.

Top and Renowned Shopping Spots at Colaba Causeway

  • Souvenir Store corner is renowned for cloths.
  • If you’re searching for books, then head towards the corner of McDonalds
  • Near famous Mondegar Café corner, there are many stalls selling jewelry items.
  • Near McDonald itself there are stores like Bungalow 8, Courio Cottage, Tappu Ki Dukaan which sell pretty interesting things.

Famous Upmarket Retail Stores at Colaba Causeway

  • Cotton Colour – sells apparel for men and women at nominal price.
  • Curio Cottage – sells high quality jewelry items – very near to Regal Cinema.
  • Cottage Industries Exposition – sells furniture and home decorative items.
  • The Oak Tree – sells western apparel for men as well as women.
  • Khubsons – sells huge varieties of Tantra t-shirts and kurtas for both men and women.

Famous Restaurants in and around Colaba Causeway

  • Delhi Darbar – immensely famous for its Mughlai cuisine.
  • Piccadilly – serves multi continental cuisines.
  • Cafe Churchill
  • Mings Palace - immensely popular for its Chinese cuisines. 
  • Kailash Parbat
  • Gokul - A very famous bar that serves alcohol at very cheap price; located exactly behind Taj Mahal hotel. Visit this bar especially during weekend evenings.

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