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Bhuleshwar Market in Mumbai

Surrounded by many historically renowned markets, Bhulsehwar market has charm of its own, which sets it apart from its famous neighborhood markets. The charm of Bhuleshwar market lies in the fact that it doesn’t specialize or is dedicated to selling only one item, which is exactly the case with its famous neighborhood markets like Crawford market (fruits & vegetables), Zaveeri Bazaar (jewelry) and Mangaldas market (cloths & fabrics).

Bhuleshwar Market in Mumbai

Bhuleshwar market actually brings best of everything and serves as much varied items possible in its dingy narrow lanes: right from fruits & vegetables, imitation jewelry, religious & pooja items, rose petals, household items and even cloth accessories. But, if you go by sheer number of sellers then Bhuleshwar certainly has more vegetable & fruit sellers, nevertheless it is still the most diverse market amongst all neighborhood markets.

However barring rich diversity, Bhuleshwar Market is pretty much same like Crawford market and Zaveri Bazaar, i.e. it is chaotic, noisy and always overcrowded. In short if one wants to know how once their parents or grandparents did their shopping, then one has to only walk through busy streets of Bhuleshwar Market and its neighboring areas. It is indeed a market for all those who are forever in love with street shopping, who bargain like there is no tomorrow, who know how to jostle and make way even through thickest of crowd.                  

But Bhuleshwar is more than buzzing commercial market. A mere walk through this place will instantly make you realize that this place is deeply steeped in rich history and deep religious devotion.

Some Facts about Bhuleshwar Market

  • Bhuleshwar area alone has over 65 temples. There is probably no other area in entire Mumbai city which enjoys unique distinction of owning so many temples. Although, most of the temple buildings are in depleted conditions, nevertheless they are integral part of city’s historical legacy.
  • And amongst these countless temples is the historic Mumbadevi temple, from which Mumbai city derived its name. So, in a way the roots of Mumbai city are very deeply entrenched in the landscapes of Bhuleshwar market.
  • The name Bhuleshwar also has very unique meaning. Bhuleshwar is actually coined from the word Bhoolna, which actually means to ‘Forgot’. But, what can you forgot here one might ask? Actually word ‘Bhoolna’ is reference to innumerable congested lanes here. Even veteran residents of Bhuleshwar area many a times forget their routes or are lost out while walking thorough these congested lanes.
  • Bhuleshwar Market is also home to some of the oldest buildings of Mumbai city. These buildings are more than 100 years old and needless to say are in very depleted condition. However, these depilated buildings lend a very vintage and aesthetic feel to the entire area & literally makes you feel that you are living in a different era altogether.
Bhuleshwar Market also has fair share of fast food restaurants and street food. The Khau gali near Mumba Devi temple is must visit if you are a diehard lover of street food. Here you’ll get fast food snacks like kichiya papad, maska pav, dal kichdi, Jalebi- Rabrdi, dosa and many other spicy food items.

In case if you want to spice up your taste buds with Gujarati cuisine, then do visit the famous Rajdhani Restaurant in the adjacent Mangaldas Market. Another eatery place that is really worth visiting is Badshah Cold Drink House or Badshah restaurant in the adjacent Crawford Market, which is immensely popular for yummy Faloodas and Milkshakes.

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